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Hi I'm Anne

I've been called "A Fairy Godmother in a Leather Jacket", as someone described "as magic, mystery, comfort, power, being in good hands, and taken care of." 

I have come to coaching after decades of looking for ways to deepen my connection with others, and to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s growth.


The journey that brought me here has been full and impactful, weaving a path from an award-winning professional interior designer to insights from a MSc in Environmental Psychology.

I freed myself from a 20-year period of being stuck and struggling that I call “dead woman walking” and going on to explore healing modalities with bodywork, feng shui, somatic therapy, and psychedelics. 


As a trauma-informed coach, I support soulful women to create purposeful, joyful, and fully satisfying lives. What is a soulful woman? Someone who speaks from the heart, is a seeker, feels deeply, thinks deeply, and cares deeply.

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