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The Grey Woman

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Once upon a time, there was a grey woman who was lost and hidden away in a beautiful castle. The grey woman had riches and abundance, but none of that could fill the deep dark hole that was in her heart and soul. The woman trudged through life, searching for a way to bring light into the darkness within.

She travelled far and wide, sought out oracles, ancient wisdom and embarked on many endeavours and none could dispel the darkness that kept her trapped. In her youth, she was full of adventure, passion, and energy but her pathway through life took her away from her home and her kin, where she encountered isolation and loneliness.

Over time her strength and vitality began to dim and with her dissipation darker forces began to take hold. The grey woman had a family of her own and a palace of riches, but nothing could penetrate the darkness of her heart and soul.

After decades of searching, the grey woman came upon a powerful and mystical wise woman. The wise woman took the grey woman to her crystal cave where for many months, the woman was given ancient medicines and spells to remove the darkness that had gripped her. The darkness, sorrow and pain of the past was slowly lifted and bit by bit she returned to herself. The cage that kept her heart entrapped fell away and the love that she felt and was felt for her by others was now allowed passage to her very core. That love became a gift that she could offer to herself and it became the most potent medicine to power her own ascension.

The voices of others that had once spoken so loudly began to quiet and recede into the background. What emerged was the clarion call of her own voice that became the beacon that led her out of the dark fog. As light, passion and energy began to return to the woman, the grey hooded cloak that had been a second skin for her all those long years was transformed into a long and flowing iridescent gown. The grey woman emerged from the crystal cave and the care of the wise woman reborn as a woman of the light.

As the woman returned to the world, she found she had a reawakened capacity to connect and see others in the world who had also struggled in the darkness. It now became a passion and mission for the woman to call forth the dimmed light in others and to bring them out of the darkness and into their magnificence.

Each time she communed with others the light and strength in her grew more powerful and increased her capacity to love others and herself.

She understood that like a seedling in its journey to becoming a glorious flower, it needs the sustenance of light, warmth, care, and nourishment to power its growth and creation. And so, it is true for the heart and the soul as well.

You may have guessed it already, that the grey woman in the story is me. Some of that tale probably seems pretty fantastical (don’t worry J.K Rowling you have nothing to worry about!) but the essence of it is my journey. I spent many years of my life treading water, not feeling fully alive or even close to it. I was afraid that I would continue to live an existence that I refer to as “dead man walking” making my way through the remainder of my life trudging to the end without purpose, joy or fulfillment. Though I had all the opportunities and abundance in my life I was unable to appreciate it or let it in when at the core I felt stuck, lost, and disconnected to what I was waking up each day for.

The sloughing of the grey cloak in my life came when a life coach I was working with said to me “you were born to be a coach and to do this work”. It was such a profound “aha” moment in my life and I have not looked back since. It has always been important for me to be catalyst for positive change in the world and this work has allowed me to fully step into that place.

To witness someone shed their own grey cloak of feeling stuck and disconnected from their authentic and full self is what feeds my soul and continually inspires me.

It is a privilege and honour to serve as mirror for someone to see themselves, open the door to self love and acceptance and to step into their power and to choose the life they want to live.

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